Since February of 2005, I have been writing an economics column for The New York Times. Initially called the "Economic Scene" column appears, it used to appear every fourth Thursday. It is now called "Economic View" and appears every fifth Sunday. To download a column as a PDF file, click on the relevant title below.

November 23, 2014: "Conspicuous Consumption? Yes, but It's Not Crazy"

August 3, 2014: "Shattering Myths to Help the Climate"

April, 20, 2014: "When Diamonds are Dirt Cheap, Will they Still Dazzle?"

March 30, 2014: "Costs, Benefits, and Masterpieces in Detroit"

February 23, 2014: "Winners Take All, but Can't We Still Dream?"

January 12, 2014: "The Vicious Circle of Inequality"

December 1, 2013: "How to Gauge the Price of Danger"

November 2, 2013: "In New York Casino Vote, a Dance with Temptation"

September 15, 2013: "Ronald Coase, A Pragmatic Voice for Government's Role"

August 4, 2013: "For Obamacare To Work, Everyone Must Be In"

July 7, 2013: "Austerity Won't Work if the Roof Is Leaking"

June 16, 2013: "What Sweden Can Tell Us About Obamacare"

May 12, 2013: "How Can They Charge That (and Other Questions)?"

March 24, 2013: "Mixing Freedoms in a 32-Ounce Soda"

February 17, 2013: "In the Quest for Love, Costs vs. Benefits"

January 6, 2013: Heads, You Win. Tails, You Win, Too"

December 9, 2012: "In Talks, G.O.P. May Have To Just Say Yes"

October 28, 2012: "When Low Taxes Don't Help the Rich"

September 23, 2012: "Economic Choices Needn't Be Painful"

August 26, 2012: "Carbon Tax Silence, Overtaken by Events"

August 5, 2012: "Luck vs. Skill: Seeking the Secret of Your Own Success"

July 1, 2012: "Giving Health Care a Chance To Evolve"

June 3, 2012: "Repairing Roads Can End All Kinds of Gridlock"

April 22, 2012: "The Preschool Race Is No Joke"

March 11, 2012: "The Prestige Chase Is Raising College Costs"

January 29, 2012: "Higher Taxes Help the Richest, Too"

Decemnber 11, 2011: "To Rethink Government, Start Close to Home"

November 6, 2011: "The Problem With Flat-Tax Fever"

September 18, 2011: "Darwin, The Market Whiz"

August 7, 2011: "Supply, Demand, and Marriage"

June 26, 2011: "The Payroll Tax Needs a Vacation"

May 15, 2011: "Why Worry? It's Good for You"

April 3, 2011: "Gauging the Pain of the Middle Class"

February 20, 2011: "Find the Taxes that Do Double Duty"

January 9, 2011: "A Champion of Plain English"

November 28, 2010: Taxing the Rich: It's All Relative

October 17, 2010: "Income Inequality: Too Big To Ignore"

September 12, 2010: "Building the Bridges to a Sustainable Recovery"

August 9, 2010: "A Gift the Wealthy Don't Need"

July 4, 2010: "The Choices that Pay Us Back"

May 30, 2010: "The Impact of the Irrelevant on Decision-Making"

April 25, 2010: "The Tax Hiding in Your Paycheck"

March 21, 2010: "Hey Big Spender, You Need a Surtax"

February 21, 2010: "A Small Price To Pay for a Large Benefit"

January 10, 2010: "Of Individual Liberty and Cap and Trade"

December 6, 2009: "How to Run Up a Deficit, Without Fear"

November 8, 2009: "Maybe a New Day for Doctors' Pay"

October 4, 2009: "A Smarter (and More Cost-Effective) Way to Fight Crime"

September 13, 2009: "Flaw In Free Markets: Humans"

August 23, 2009: "Don't Let the Stimulus Lose Its Spark"

July 12, 2009: "The Invisible Hand, Trumped by Darwin?"

May 31, 2009: "Carbon Offsets: A Small Price to Pay for Efficiency"

April 26,2009: "Before Tea, Thank Your Lucky Stars"

March 22, 2009: "When 'Deficit' Isn't a Dirty Word"

February 15, 2009: "Go Ahead and Save. Let the Government Spend"

January 4, 2009: "Should Congress Put a Cap on Executive Pay?"

December 7, 2008: "Why Wait To Repeal Tax Cuts for the Rich?"

November 16, 2008: "When It Really Counts, Qualifications Trump Race"

November 9, 2008: "Just What This Downturn Needs: A Consumption Tax"

October 5, 2008: "Pursuit of an Edge, In Steroids or Stocks"

August 17, 2008: How Fuel Subsidies Drag Down a Nation"

July 6, 2008: "Untying a Knot in Campaign Finance Reform"

May 25, 2008: The Invisible Hand Is Shaking"

April 27, 2008: "Don't Blame All Borrowers" (This column is the only one of mine that the Times Sunday Business Section has rejected. It appeared in the Washington Post Outlook Section.)

April 13, 2008: "To Disclose or Not? Ask the Frogs"

March 9, 2008: "Income and Happiness: An Imperfect Link"

February 10, 2008: "When Self-Interest Isn't Everything"

December 9, 2007: "Reshaping the Debate on Raising Taxes"

October 7, 2007: "Why Not Shift the Burden to Big Spenders?"

August 12, 2007: "A Dismal Science, Dismally Taught"

July 5, 2007: "A Career in Hedge Funds and the Problem of Overcrowding"

June 7, 2007: "Despite the Dumb Jokes, Stereotypes May Reflect Some Smart Choices"

May 10, 2007: "A Sensible Solution to Thin Traffic, and One for Easing Concerns about Fairness"

April 12, 2007: "In the Real World of Work and Wages, Trickle-Down Theories Don't Hold Up."

March 15, 2007: "When to Violate the Top Two Commandments of Antigovernment Crusaders"

February 15, 2007: "A Health Care Plan So Simple, Even Stephen Colbert Couldn't Simplify It"

January 18, 2007: "Payday Loans Are a Scourge, but Should Wrath Be Aimed at the Lenders?"

December 21, 2006: "When It Comes to a Search for a Spouse, Supply and Demand Is Only the Start"

November 23, 2006: "The Other Milton Friedman: A Conservative with a Social Welfare Program"

October 26, 2006: "Prospering May Not Make People Happier, but It May Make Them Healthier"

September 28, 2006: "The More We Make, the Better We Want"

August 31, 2006: "When the Rich-Poor Gap Widens, Gatsby Becomes a Guidebook"

August 3, 2006: "The Herd Changes Course and Runs Away From S.U.V.'s"

July 6, 2006: "How Much Is That Laptop? It Depends on the Color of the Case. And That's Fair."

June 8, 2006: "Energy Policy Is Far Too Complicated to Be Left to the Politicians"

May 11, 2006: "Right for the Wrong Reasons: Why Galbraith Never Got the Prize"

April 13, 2006: "State Governments Overreach in Taking on Problems Best Solved at the National Level"

March 16, 2006: "Polygamy and the Marriage Market: Who Would Have the Upper Hand?"

February 16, 2006: "A Way to Cut Fuel Consumption That Everyone Likes, Except the Politicians"

January 19, 2006: "Weighing the True Costs and Benefits in a Matter of Life and Death"

December 22, 2005: "Tax Cuts for the Wealthy: Waste More, Want More"

November 24, 2005: "Sometimes, a Tax Cut for the Wealthy Can Hurt the Wealthy"

October 27, 2005: "Of Hockey Players and Housing Prices"

September 29, 2005: "Students Discover Economics in Its Natural State"

September 1, 2005: "The Opportunity Cost of Economics Education"

August 4, 2005: "There's a Hidden Price for Being a Cheat"

July 7, 2005: " Do Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Stimulate Employment?"

June 9, 2005: "The Mysterious Disappearance of James Duesenberry"

May 12, 2005: " The Estate Tax: Efficient, Fair and Misunderstood"

April 14, 2005: "Intense Competition for Top Students Is Threatening Financial Aid Based on Need"

March 17, 2005: "Americans Save So Little, but What Can Be Done to Change That?"

February 17, 2005: "The Theory That Self-Interest Is the Sole Motivator Is Self-Fulfilling"